Cheap PayPal VBA


Delivery details: Bank A/c Details.
Bank Type: Virtual bank account
Delivery time: Maximum 48 hours by email.

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Use a virtual bank account to verify your USA PayPal account. we will provide following details upon delivering your order.

USA Virtual Bank Account

  • USA bank account number.
  • Routing number.
  • Verification (two small) amounts.

You will be log in your PayPal & add account details then verify through the micro deposit.
Superfast & hassle-free verification.

Note: This VBA is valid only for bank verification of USA PayPal. you can’t withdraw fund from PayPal to this bank account as it does not support any incoming payments. 

Supported country: our bank account support around 150+ PayPal country. please contact us for your target country.


  1. Lotas Airis

    works fine

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