Cheap PayPal VBA

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Delivery details: Bank A/c Details.
Bank Type: Virtual bank account
Delivery time: Maximum 48 hours by email.



Use a virtual bank account to verify your USA PayPal account. we will provide following details upon delivering your order.

USA Virtual Bank Account

  • USA bank account number.
  • Routing number.
  • Verification (two small) amounts.

You will be login your PayPal & add account details then verify through the micro deposit.
Super fast & hassle free verification.

Note: This VBA is valid only for bank verification of USA PayPal. you can’t withdraw fund from PayPal to this bank account as it does not support any incoming payments.¬†

Supported country: our bank account support around 150+ PayPal country. please contact us for your target country.

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    Atiqul Islam

    works fine

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