Remote Desktop

$29.95 / month

Remote desktop connection come with a dedicated IP. Access your business from anywhere by remote computer.


Thanks for interesting in remote desktop. Maxvcc partner with safe and secure remote computer company. Do your private work, move file, use a separate computer for your safety. It naturally called remote desktop protocol (RDP).

Remote Desktop Features-

  • Fast speed data transmission.
  • 256 bit data encryption.
  • 30-50 GB storage memory.
  • 1 GB RAM. (Up to 8GB available for an extra charge)
  • Windows 10 latest version.
  • Dedicated IP (most of RDP provider can’t offer dedicated IP).
  • USA, EU, Asia (many different IP location)
  • High priority technical support by our expertise.

Delivery Materials

  • Remote IP address
  • Username
  • Password

Tips: Make a search “remote desktop connection” in your computer. Enter the credentials to get connected. You can install any software, store your file in hard disk.

Caution: Cancelling an active subscription caused all type files removed permanently and lost data. No way to retrieve after canceling an active subscription.

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