Maxvcc has just lunched max card on 27 Jul 2019. Now you can shop online using your visa card. it’s an amazing solution when you using maxvcc for regular purpose. the card has following terms additionally from issuer bank.

Reloadable MaxCard require to have premium plan & verified account.

User Limit

  • Top up limit: You can top-up max $2500 per transaction.
  • Max transaction: $100/transaction.
  • Allowed number transaction: 5/day, 12/week, 25/month.
  • Monthly limit: Max monthly spending limit $2500 (possible to increase)
  • Daily limit: $300

Fees & charges

  • Card price: $0
  • Monthly Fees: $0/month.
  • Replacement Fees: $10.
  • Reload Fees: $5+7.5% for any amount.
  • Dispute Fees: N/A (dispute not allowed)
  • Dormant Fees: $25 (after 90 days inactivity)

Note: Each time you will be charged for monthly fee after replacement the card.

Card Functionalities

  • Card Brand: Visa (Debit) Prepaid.
  • Card Level: Business classic.
  • Validity: 3 Years
  • Default billing: San Fransisco, CA, USA
  • Currency: USD (no others currency available)
  • Transaction capacity: Worldwide (except complex merchant who set own rules)
  • Balance: Your maxvcc account balance is MaxCard balance.


  • Credit: Minimum account balance $10 require to get enabled the card.
  • Documents: We don’t require any additional documents when you are a verified user.
  • Additional requirements: We can confirm only after reviewing your account.


  • Our card do not support at crypto currency website.
  • Not supported any website that offer money exchange. Ex. Western Union
  • Not allowed to transaction at gambling site or harmful site. Ex. Weapon, drug etc.

Note: MaxCard issued by Bank of America & Metropolitan commercial bank. both cards are visa branded & prepaid virtual card. you can have only one card in your maxvcc account. however, you can replace at any time and get fund transfer to the new card instantly by contacting us. for your questions related to the card feel free to comments or contact us.

To get your card at new maxvcc account please contact us with your username or email address. we will happy to review your account and approve instantly.

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