How virtual phone number works?

The question is great before order a virtual phone number. Maxvcc connected with few phone number in several countries. we allow our customer to use a virtual phone number. the number used for receiving a voice call, making IVR (hotline) system for your business & much more.

How does it work?

Once we receive an order from you, our sales expert apply for a brand new phone number from the network provider. it can take a few hours or a day to get activated with the network. thereafter, we will be delivered to you via an email.

  • The phone number will be connected with your local number.
  • If someone/you call your newly issued number it will ring directly your local number.
  • There is a monthly renewal service charge applied.
  • High volume incoming call may charge you much.
  • No outgoing facility.
  • No SMS guarantee. (for PayPal or others verification purpose you must use voice call)

Example incoming call-

let’s say your personal phone number is +1-450-600-0505 and your purchased number from us is +1-501-205-0023. now if someone calls your 0023 ending number it will ring your 0505 (local) number. you will be able to receive the call and talk with your customer/friends & family or whatever you want.



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